Jaguar and Healey Data Sites Down for a Bit

The "data" sites have not changed much (from a code perspective), in the time they've been online (since 2002, 16 years!), and advances in server technology have finally forced me to do at least a bit of updating. (You may have seen errors earlier today.) I hope to cobble together a fix to get the sites online before the end of this week.

Moving Forward

These sites are a significant drain, and whilst I appreciate those who have made a financial contribution in the past, over the entire history of the sites the total amount of those contributions adds up to less than the cost of keeping the site online for four months. That's 2% of the total cost. (And, to be clear, I am not personally wealthy, far from it.)

Users would benefit from updates, aside from more modern and performant code. Things like responsive design (i.e., being usable on mobile devices without squinting) and a more modern aesthetic to reflect our larger desktop screens. I have a list of "cool" features which I would like to offer--but I cannot afford to "pay myself" to work on the site.

(One of the reasons the database is updated on a sporadic basis is that I cannot afford to schedule the time regularly to approve new cars, so they're added as opportunity arises.)

Potential Changes

I have considered using Patreon (or a similar service) to offer people the chance to support the sites via a "subscription". (Experience suggests there would be little interest, but I would love to be proven wrong.) That would require me to offer subscribers a premium feature or three. I suspect the most likely cue for people to subscribe would be to make the viewing of more than one image per car, or viewing more than a certain number of cars in a "session", require a subscription or per-use contribution.

You can drop me an email at this address if you have any thoughts you wish to share. Thanks for your patience.


September 12, 2018